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The Αncient Underwater 5,000- Year-Old Sunken City in Greece

By: April Carson

There is an ancient city dating back 5,000 years in the Peloponnesus region of southern Greece located in a small village called Pavlopetri. The city is unique because it is submerged 4 meters underwater and is believed to be the oldest known submerged city in the world. The city is believed to have been occupied from 2800 BC until 1000 BC and the remains feature typical structures of an ancient civilization, including houses, roads, walls, courtyards, and tombs.

The city has an impressive layout that incorporates roads, two-story houses with gardens, temples, a cemetery, and a sophisticated water management system consisting of channels and pipes. At the heart of the city lies a 40x20 meter plaza, and many of the buildings feature up to 12 rooms. Overall, the city's design is superior to that of many present-day cities.

In 2009, the site was explored and surveyed by archaeologists. They used a combination of remote sensing techniques such as sonar to create a detailed map of the city's structure. The exploration revealed that the city is much larger than initially thought and has preserved many of its features over thousands of years. Despite being underwater for so long, the ruins still contain pottery, tools, and utensils, which indicates that the city was a thriving settlement before it was submerged.

The city is very ancient and dates back to the period in which the famous ancient Greek epic poem 'Iliad' was based. In 2009, research indicated that the site spans approximately 9 acres and there is evidence to suggest that it was inhabited as early as 2800 BC.

The city of Pavlopetri is a unique and remarkable reminder of the distant past. It's one of the few examples in which we can gain an insight into the daily lives and culture of people who lived thousands of years ago, while also raising questions about how they were able to build such a sophisticated settlement at such an early stage in human history.

The city is believed to have sunk around 1000 BC due to earthquakes, but even after 5,000 years, at least 15 buildings are still visible and the arrangement of the city remains clear. The head of the archaeological team, John Henderson of the University of Nottingham, and his team have created an accurate 3D reconstruction of the city based on this clear arrangement. This 3D reconstruction is now on display in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The ancient city, which remains unnamed, is thought to have played a significant role in the commercial activities of both the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. Various artifacts, including clay containers, tools, statues, and other objects, have been found scattered throughout the site. Despite the discovery of these valuable items, the precise identity and function of the city remain unknown.

For now, the submerged city of Pavlopetri remains a mystery and its discovery has provided us with an invaluable insight into the lives of ancient civilizations. The city is a testament to the ingenuity and skill that these ancient people had in constructing cities even at such an early stage in human history. It's truly remarkable how this city has survived for so long, and it remains a fascinating reminder of our past.

The archaeological site of Pavlopetri is protected by Greek and European law, making it part of the UNSECO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It is open for visitors to explore and admire the ancient ruins that have been preserved beneath the sea for thousands of years.

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