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Senator Marshall criticizes the practice of "chestfeeding" infants by biological men

By: April Carson

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D., a seasoned Obstetrician with 25 years of experience and over 5,000 successful deliveries, strongly criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidance regarding the process of 'Chestfeeding' for transgender biological men. Senator Marshall argued that the process was not natural and that the transgender individual would be unable to provide all the components of breast milk naturally available from a woman. He further argued that this practice could potentially harm an infant's health.

Senator Marshall stated, "It is my medical opinion that chestfeeding by biological men cannot provide all of the essential elements required for an infant’s growth and development. It is also my opinion that chestfeeding by biological men could potentially be dangerous for an infant’s health."

"As a physician with experience delivering over 5,000 babies and promoting breastfeeding to every mother, it is clear that the CDC has prioritized politics and a social agenda over scientific evidence and the well-being of newborns," stated Senator Marshall. The CDC's credibility appears to have been undermined by endorsing a drug without FDA approval, creating a conflict with the FDA. It is concerning that they are promoting the use of untested drugs, such as hormones, by biological males, as this raises potential risks for infants. It is strongly advised to discourage such practices.

They overlook the safety concerns and risks associated with "chestfeeding" and the use of chemicals and hormones in "gender reassignment" surgeries. These factors can have catastrophic consequences when transmitted to newborns. We must bring attention to this issue and protect the safety and health of all infants.

In addition, Senator Marshall expressed concern about the potential for a lack of financial resources devoted to breastfeeding support for mothers who need it most. He noted that male chestfeeding could divert funds away from those dedicated to helping women with their breast milk production.

Senator Marshall criticized this federal agency's guidance as irresponsible and contrary to science and safety. The CDC's encouragement of using Domperidone to enhance lactation, a drug not legally approved or sold in the U.S., is concerning. This risky medication carries serious side effects that could pose life-threatening complications for both adults and infants alike.

If a biological man follows the CDC's 'chestfeeding' guidance while also using Domperidone for breast milk production, it can have a devastating impact on the infant. This harmful medication may inevitably pass on to the baby, potentially causing heart arrhythmias, a serious and life-threatening side effect. It's worth noting that the FDA removed this medication from the market in 2004 for precisely this reason.

Therefore, it is vital that the public is educated about this issue and that the government ensures the safety of newborns by regulating and monitoring these procedures.

Senator Marshall's remarks echo the sentiment of many medical professionals and breastfeeding advocacy groups who are concerned about the safety of infants in light of the CDC's guidance. We must prioritize scientific evidence over political agendas when making decisions regarding public health and well-being. To protect infant health, it is necessary to discourage practices that involve chestfeeding by biological men.

Senator Marshall expressed another significant concern regarding drug-induced lactation colostrum. He emphasized the importance of colostrum, which is Mother Nature's nutrient-rich and authentic mother's milk, containing antibodies and antioxidants that provide newborns with vital protection. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that the liquid produced by biological males does not deliver the complete nutrition or necessary calories for the healthy growth of newborn babies.

As Senator Marshall concluded, “We must prioritize safety and health above all else. The CDC needs to reconsider its guidance on this issue as we have a responsibility to protect infants from potential harm.” The federal government must provide clear guidelines based on scientific evidence when making healthcare decisions, especially regarding infant care.

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