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Renowned Consciousness Expert ‘Billy Carson’ Elucidates on How Consciousness Works

Billy Carson, the founder of the incredible conscience development channel, beliefs that to grasp the concept of consciousness, one needs to know an-in-depth idea of self-consciousness. Therefore, with an aim to cultivate the mindset of self-consciousness in human minds, Carson established the amazing TV network to unleash a profound comprehension of numerical codes that brought forth the Universe.

Serving as a true indication of enlightenment through entertainment, spoils you with choices with stunning programs on yoga and meditation, all intended to make you fully aware of the genuine divine nature of your spirit, making you all self-aware.

In fact, a person possesses can never have consciousness without possessing self-consciousness. Billy Carson shares that both historically and ontologically, consciousness and self-consciousness occur simultaneously, and one cannot be present without the other. Even though inwardly both have a qualitative differentiation, self-consciousness is integral to be present if one yearns to be conscious. However, the physiological and psychological mechanisms of self-consciousness would appear to be more complex, subtler, and vulnerable. “Self-consciousness does not only mean consciousness from the inwards. In fact, the true notion of self-consciousness is that it can never happen directly; it always happens when a human mind begins to get aware of things other than self. You can only know your own self when you know the world, and that what the self-conscious is all about,” says Billy Carson.

In a simpler context, we can comprehend that self-consciousness is exactly from which the consciousness comes from, and thus, it has a dual perspective, consisting of both the external world and the person himself. Billy Carson considers self-consciousness about being inner light that illuminates both the inside and the outside world. Every person who thinks understands how difficult it is to separate the object of thought and the act of contemplating this thought and judging your conscience.

A person’s reflection comprises three elements: one’s own personality as the object, one’s ego as the subject, and objective reality, which includes other people. Self-consciousness is born when the subject of consciousness, the knower, turns into an object for himself. At the point of emergence of self-consciousness, the individual is identified with himself. “This is exactly the moment when the man begins to be aware of his own existence in the world, of his needs and desires, and the state of his own organism, figuring out both his comforts and discomforts. He then is able to differentiate the state of wakefulness from that of sleep of unconscious, and that is how the consciousness works to enlighten your inner being,” says Billy Carson. “And as soon as the person becomes wide awake, he begins to experience a certain sense of self, an awareness of his own existence in the world. When he opens his eyes, he sees the world, hears its sounds, is aware of external objects, and his own body. He feels both his distinctness from the environment and his organic connection with nature, and becomes aware of his responsibilities,” he adds., Yet, for the transition from unconsciousness to consciousness happen successfully, the humans necessitate inner bravery as only the spiritually brave individual can intentionally focus on the desired image of the future and build this future collected without paying heed to the negative processes going on. Every human being is a part of nature, and the Universe has unlimited creative potential and possesses the tools of creation—consciousness, thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. So, having all the tools of creation, world citizens can rehabilitate, regenerate, and heal the environment and awaken novel potentials ever within souls and in the atmosphere, they reside in. While collective consciousness has much stronger and more powerful because of the synergy effect even though it has the same capacities. The primary splendor of the consciousness is that it unifies the people and helps them connect with themselves, nature, and humanity, which to consciously harmonize the planetary consciousness. Consequently, by tuning the hearts of people to the same frequency, consciousness works to make humans realize that every being on this planet earth is filled with flaws and shortcomings; however, imperfections make a human capable of becoming compassionate towards others.



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