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Laziness & Apathy: 2 Core Behaviors With a Profound Effect

By: Lianna Gardner

a.k.a. Lianna Empowers

"Replace excuses with effort, replace laziness with determination and everything else will fall into place."

Think of all the tools we have at our disposal that make life ‘easier’. The TV remote control, mobile phones, TV/Entertainment Apps/Channels, food delivery services…the list goes on. Now think about what having those creature comforts has done to our lives.

The average attention span is now 8 seconds. 8 seconds. What the heck can you take in in 8 short seconds? Everything in our lives is available at the push of a button and as a result, we’ve become a society of people who are profusely out of shape, obese, lazy in our thinking and way of being, we get freaked out when we can’t have something ‘right now’, and have become belligerent when services take too long-- it’s a madhouse out there!

What effect does this have on our lives? Well for one thing, on top of all these distractions that keep us in a deluded state of complacency, it has compounded laziness and apathy.

Laziness…the disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to exert oneself. The term ‘couch potato’ seems to fit the description well here.

Apathy…lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern, feeling indifferent or lacking emotion.

Based on these two definitions, is it any wonder why the world is in the state it’s in today?

Laziness and apathy, keep us from unlocking our full potential. When we revert to these two states of mind based on succumbing to the ease of having to do very little to survive, it creates a low-grade vibrational energy that keeps us locked in to low level living. Many people don’t understand the disconnect that has taken place due to everything being at our disposal. We become disconnected from our body-mind-spirit. These 3 things are intimately interconnected, so when one is affected the others follow suit.

Our bodily processes slow down…our digestion, our cells and our brains become sluggish. We become inflamed; our health and well-being depends on movement and activity that used to be an inherent part of our lives on earth! Hunting and gathering, dancing around the fire, walking, climbing and running…all were part of our daily lives. Lack of movement prevents our energy from flowing the way it’s supposed to flow which causes a cascade of negative events in our bodies.

As for our minds, they too slow down. We accept things as fact without researching, because Lord knows, that would take too much time. We accept ‘less than’ in all aspects of our lives because we’re just fighting to survive, to compete and keep our heads above water. Our nervous system slows down, and we become depressed and complacent.

The spirit doesn’t fare any better as we lose a passion and a fire for life. Often, our desire to achieve, evolve and expand slows down as well. Without a desire to reach for something greater than the norm, it keeps many people feeding on the bottom and fighting to stay average, vs. developing a desire to shoot for the moon and stars. Movement, whether physical, mental or spiritual is critical to your life, success and happiness.

A few ways we can refuse to succumb to laziness and apathy:

1.) Recognize that technology is there to serve you but don’t allow it to overtake your natural way of being. It’s up to you to incorporate movement into your life and understand its benefits.

2.) Begin researching the news or snippets of info you get from TV or through your apps. Check sources of information, dig further into the story, and get more than one side. Sometimes folks who disseminate the info only want you to see what you see, which begins to create fear and keeps you stuck and easily manipulated against each other. Read a book every now and then.

3.) Take some time for YOU. Start meditating, journaling, and going within to seek answers to your life, and to connect to your inner truth. You’ll find that you will begin to see different possibilities and opportunities for your life, which will help you create a vision and propel you toward your full potential.

It’s imperative to make choices that will get you moving again, in order to create health, love, abundance and happiness in your life. Humanity is dependent upon each of us taking individual responsibility to uplevel our lives in order to have clearer vision, and restore vitality to a world consumed with average living.

Lianna Empowers is the personal brand of Lianna Gardner, highly sought after EmpowerMentor, Transformational Coach, Heart Guide, Speaker and forthcoming author of the book "GrownSexyWisdom: 5 Grown Ass Secrets to Create a Life that Turns You On!" My gift is empowering audiences worldwide in the areas of Personal Development, Travel and Lifestyle, Law of Attraction and Health & Well-Being.

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