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Homeland Security Admits It Tried to Create Fake Terrorists for Trump

By: April Carson

According to the findings of a new internal investigation, its failed operation captured hundreds to thousands of U.S. protesters in an effort to support Trump’s false claims about a “terrorist organization” he accused his Democratic rivals of supporting.

The report, released Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general, said the agency’s now-defunct Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit had been focused on left-wing groups like Antifa since its inception in 2019.

Previously undisclosed documents were made public by Oregon's Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, which detailed findings of an attempt by Trump’s acting homeland security secretary, Chad Wolf. Accusations say that Wolf attempted to amass secret dossiers on Americans in Portland who were attending protests against racism for George Floyd during summer 2020.

In an email to colleagues, Wolf said that his goal was to "find, fix and finish the individuals" who were causing damage. The Oregonian reports that the dossiers would have included personal information such as addresses, social media posts and pictures of protesters engaging in what Wolf described as "criminal activity."

The president's opponents havelong feared he would misuse his power to spying on them for political gain. The report lists officials who tried to link protesters with a nonexistent terrorist plot, bolstering Trump’s reelection odds and confirmed those fears. This now raises concerns about the ability of a sitting president co-opting billions of dollars' worth of domestic intelligence assets for their personal gain.

The news of the Homeland Security Department's actions came to light in a report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), which said that then-acting secretary Wolf had requested intelligence reports on individuals attending protests in Portland.

DHS analysts were asked by their superiors to create fake evidence tying the protesters in custody to "Antifa," an nonexistent organization that Trump had been claiming supported the protests. Fortunately, the plot was unsuccessful.

According to one field operations analyst, the charts were rapidly "thrown together" and didn't include any reasoning for the arrests. It was often difficult to tell if arrests were made by police or another federal agency operating in the area. The analysts interviewed never received paperwork confirming arrest affidavits , a witness told investigators. They simply had to work under the impression that everyone on their lists had been arrested without further explanation.

The results of the "unconventional" operation, as one official called it, were disastrous. In addition to the innocent people who were arrested, many real protesters also evaded capture. The entire episode caused lasting damage to DHS's reputation and credibility.

The agency's chief intelligence officer, Brian Murphy, mentioned receiving requests from Wolf and his acting deputy, Ken Cuccinelli, to make files "against everyone joining the Portland protest," regardless of whether they were accused of breaking any law or not. According to Murphy, he rejected the proposal and told his superiors that he could only review data from individuals who had already been arrested-- something his office had done on numerous occasions.

More than a year ago, the DHS completed a report that included descriptions of orders given to "senior leadership" stating that they should generally apply the label "violent Antifa anarchists inspired" to Portland protesters unless they had intel revealing otherwise. Given that the report was completed in August of 2019, this would appear to be an open-and-shut case of the Trump administration trying to justify its actions by painting all protesters with the same broad brush-- which, as we've seen time and time again, is a dangerous game.

After the dossiers were given to the agency’s threat center, it was clear that DHS had no way of connecting the protesters with any terrorist activities taking place in America or internationally. The evidence to support the administration’s claim that a “larger network was directing or financing” the protesters could not be found by unit known as Homeland Identities, Targeting and Exploitation Center. This center is usually tasked with analyzing national security threats, but "did not find any evidence that assertion was true," according to the report.

In other words, the Trump administration admitted that it tried to create fake terrorists in order to justify its Muslim Ban. This is a clear abuse of power and an affront to the rule of law. It is also a dangerous precedent that could lead to more innocent people being targeted by the government simply because of their religion or ethnicity.

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