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Highlights in Neuroscience: Olive Oil, Electric Fields, Nerve Cells, Psychedelics, and Longevity Hab

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

By ShonSpeaks

This week in neuroscience, we uncover fascinating new insights into the brain, thanks to cutting-edge research covered by Neuroscience News.

Neuroscience News sheds light on the unseen orchestra of electric fields in our brains and the potential of extra virgin olive oil against Alzheimer's disease. We learn about the nerve cells that can press 'pause' on all our movements, explore the contrasts between psychedelic trips and near-death experiences, and outline eight life habits that can add years to lifespan.

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Researchers at MIT explored the captivating world of electric fields, the byproducts of neural activity that act as invisible conductors, synchronizing vital brain regions during memory tasks. This offers valuable understanding of our brain's operations and could pave the way for advanced brain-controlled prosthetics, according to the study covered by Neuroscience News.

Artificial intelligence uncovered an unexpected ally in the Alzheimer's battle: extra virgin olive oil. AI-aided research identified ten olive oil compounds with promise against Alzheimer's, reinforcing the neuroprotective attributes of a Mediterranean diet.

Neuroscience News also covered the discovery of unique nerve cells that can halt all movement, akin to hitting 'pause' on a movie. Found in mice, these midbrain cells pause even breathing and heart rate, suggesting a state of heightened attention rather than fear. This offers insights into Parkinson's disease motor symptoms.

In other neuroscience news covered this week, researchers voyaged into the unknown, comparing near-death experiences during comas with psychedelic 5-Methoxy-DMT trips. Despite similarities, distinct characteristics emerged, with each experience reported as uniquely different.

Finally, Neuroscience News covered a study revealing eight lifestyle habits that could extend lifespan by 24 years by reducing chronic diseases. This emphasizes that healthier habits enhance longevity, even if adopted later in life.

Credit: Neuroscience News provided this neuroscience research coverage.

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