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Frontier Airlines accidentally flies Florida-bound woman to foreign country

By: April Carson

A woman from New Jersey, who was planning to travel to Jacksonville, Florida, alleges that due to a gate change, she mistakenly traveled to Jamaica instead.

According to WPVI, Beverly Ellis-Hebard, a resident of Gloucester County, frequently flies from Philadelphia to her second home in Jacksonville. On November 6th, she went to a gate that was labeled as "PHL to JAX" for her flight. However, the gate had been changed at the last minute and Ellis-Hebard was told to board a plane that would take her to Jamaica instead.

"I fly once every six weeks and I chose Frontier flights because of how frequently we travel," she said. Ellis-Hebard requested a quick restroom break from a gate agent and when she returned, the flight was already almost fully boarded, resulting in her being rushed onto the plane.

"I handed my boarding pass to the gate agent and started walking towards the gate. However, after taking about ten steps, the same agent asked me if I was Beverly Ellis-Hebard. I reminded her that she had just checked me in and had my boarding pass. She responded with a rushed 'Go! Go!'" explained the resident from New Jersey.

Once she was in her seat, Ellis-Hebard realized that the flight was heading toward Jamaica instead of Jacksonville. After expressing her concerns to another gate agent and informing him that the plane had been changed without any notification, the bewildered passenger was told there was nothing they could do.

After boarding the plane, Ellis-Hebard was informed by the flight crew that the Jacksonville flight had a gate change and that their plane was headed to Jamaica.

"I was scared, I was shocked, I was angry," said Ellis-Hebard. "It wasn't until we were in the air that the crew realized their mistake and apologized to me."

Frontier Airlines has since reached out to Ellis-Hebard and assured her that an investigation into the incident is underway.

"It's been a nightmarish experience, and I hope this never happens to anyone else," she said.

Ellis-Hebard recalled how she laughed and told the flight attendant that she would love to be going to the destination, but she had a beach where she lives. However, the flight attendant replied saying that the plane was going to Jamaica, and Ellis-Hebard could tell by her facial expression that she was being serious.

Ellis-Hebard couldn't exit the airplane upon landing due to the absence of her passport. She stayed in the jetway, which she claims is treated as U.S. territory. After getting off the plane, she was able to return to Philadelphia on the same day.

Despite being refunded and receiving an apology from Frontier Airlines, Ellis-Hebard still wishes that the airline had been more transparent with its passengers. She has since filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration and is hoping for a resolution soon.

Several hours later, the flight crew accompanied her until her flight departed for Philadelphia. Ellis-Hebard mentioned that in addition to the flight mishap, she also scraped her arm when she placed her travel bag in the baggage sizer.

"When I inserted it, everything was fine. However, upon removing it, I accidentally scraped my arm and it started bleeding," explained the traveler while pointing to the affected area.

According to Frontier Airlines, they provided Ellis-Hebard with a refund as compensation.

A spokesperson from Frontier Airlines expressed their apologies for the customer's ability to board the incorrect flight. They have offered reimbursement and compensation to the customer and have also taken action to address the issue with the airport staff. The airline also stated that they are taking precautionary measures to prevent such mistakes from happening in the future.

It appears that Ellis-Hebard was able to make it back home safely, yet with a somewhat strange travel experience. Frontier Airlines has reassured customers of their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. All passengers should double-check their gate numbers before boarding their flights to ensure that they are in the right place. It is also advised that customers keep their passports on them during travel in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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