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From a road car to a plane in under 3 minutes

By: April Carson

In Slovakia, a car-aircraft hybrid vehicle that can transform from a sports automobile to an aircraft in less than three minutes has been cleared to fly. In January, the Klein Vision AirCar was granted with a license of airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority.

Klein Vision, the company behind the model, is planning to start an AirCar taxi service. The concept requires a road car to have wings and propellers fitted. A driver carries out the transformation by pressing a button in the cabin. The road vehicle will then be able to drive on roads, at up to 70 mph, and fly at up to 124 mph. The vehicle will carry four people after conversion, with a range of 330 miles in the air.

The certification came after 75 hours of test flights, with more than 220 takeoffs and landings executed. A team of up to eight people has been working on the prototype since 2017, according to Klein Vision cofounder, Anton Zajac, together clocking up around 100,000 hours of work. The AirCar completed its first inter-city flight in June last year, flying from the international airport in Nitra, Slovakia, to the international airport in Bratislava, Slovakia. The flight took a total of 35 minutes.

The AirCar was driven to downtown Bratislava by Zajac, accompanied by the vehicle's creator, Professor Stefan Klein, in his sports car. The AirCar is not limited to airports. It can take off and land from anywhere as long as the landowner gives permission, according to Zajac.

The current design can reach speeds of up to 370 miles per hour and cruises at 140 mph. According to Zajac, a new-generation model will have a range of about 630 kilometers. The AirCar is powered by a 1.6-liter BMW engine that runs on any octane fuel.

The dual-mode vehicle includes a ballistic parachute in the case of an emergency or engine failure. The vehicles weigh 1,100 kg and can accommodate two people. Zajac informed Insider that the firm is working on a three-seat model as well as an amphibious version.

Because a dual-mode aircraft is a full-fledged aircraft, it requires the supervision of a licensed pilot. Zajac claims that having an accreditation is "extremely significant," not just in terms of bringing forward a flying car that meets EASA regulations, but also in laying the groundwork for mass production of multi-mode vehicles.

The AirCar has an EASA-certified certificate, which allows it to fly in any EU country with the appropriate authorizations. Zajac told Insider that the firm is presently working on getting approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). "We are going to start offering an AirCar taxi service," he said. The business aims to persuade around 5% of the United States' 220,000 small plane owners to switch over to the AirCar.

The AirCar will be available to purchase for between $500,000 and $1 million when it is introduced in late 2023. Zajac said the firm had already begun taking orders from "discreet" consumers and anticipated deliveries to begin in late 2023. "We have taken deposits from some customers," he said. "They are mostly people who are waiting for it."

The AirCar will allow users to commute to and from work or other errands, as well as average cross-country flights. The firm tells Insider that the vehicle is not intended for long trips, noting that its batteries need to be recharged after travelling a maximum of 40 miles in a single trip.

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