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Florida Doctor Found Dead After Alleged Sexual Assault of Sedated Patients

By: April Carson

A doctor in Florida who was accused of raping two sedated women while they were undergoing cosmetic medical procedures has been found dead, authorities said.

On November 21st, Dr. Eric Andrew Salata was formally charged with two counts of sexual battery against patients who were physically helpless at the time of the attack. Both victims are women, 51 and 73 years old respectively.

On Tuesday, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the alleged perpetrator was found dead, the Naples Daily News reported.

According to the Daily Beast, Salata's welfare check uncovered his body after his ankle monitor hadn't moved for several hours on Monday.

Police discovered the doctor's body after finding his boot sticking out of some local woods, news outlets reported. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head, and a handgun was found lying nearby.

Before his death, Salata left two notes and some of his belongings at home, according to the report.

Michelle Batten, the sheriff's spokeswoman, stressed that an autopsy hasn't been completed so his death cannot yet be ruled a suicide but said it "does not appear to be suspicious." She declined to release additional details.

According to a report obtained by the Naples Daily News, the 51-year-old woman told investigators that Salata administered laughing gas during a procedure last month. She claims she then felt him touch her private parts without warning or consent. When she questions him about his actions, he stopped.

He doused the flames with more gasoline and offered her an unidentified clear liquid to drink, possibly tequila. As she became intoxicated and passed out, he left her there.

Later, she saw Salata performing oral sex and penetrating her.

The other woman also told cops that Salata raped her during her procedure.

Judge Michael Provost had set a $100,000 bond for Salata, who paid cash bail to the courts and bonded out from jail, the Naples Daily News reported.

On Tuesday, Adam Horowitz attorney for one of the victims, stated to the Daily Beast that Salata has eluded justice.

“It is disappointing and frustrating that Dr. Salata has escaped justice,” Horowitz said in a statement. “It took tremendous courage for my client to tell her truth. She was ready to hold him accountable in court.”

He told the Naples Daily News that when a criminal defendant dies, the case transitions to civil.

Horowitz said he plans to pursue a civil case against Salata’s business and estate.

He continued, “We are now investigating to determine the extent of his assets and what we can do to obtain some measure of justice for my client.”

According to the Naples Daily News, Salata was accused of victimizing five women in an office building he owned and operated in Naples. The victims had accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, such as making unwanted advances and touching them without their consent.

He was also accused of using his influence to intimidate the victims into silence.

Horowitz said he is committed to fighting for the rights of all victims who have suffered sexual abuse and exploitation.

“I am hoping that this case can serve as a reminder to all individuals and businesses of the importance of promoting a safe and respectful workplace environment.”

Horowitz is seeking damages for the victims, including back pay, pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish and other costs associated with the abuse.

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