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Employee fired for moving into work cubicle to get ‘free’ rent

By: April Carson

Chibuzor Ejimofor, who goes by the name Simon Jackson professionally, produced a now-viral video of himself living in his work cubicle, claiming it was a form of "protest" since he wasn't paid "enough." This TikToker is fully immersed in his job.

"It's been a week since I moved into my work cubicle," Jackson says in the video. "I'm protesting because I'm not getting paid enough."

However, the video has over 12 million views since March 8, and despite his confession that he was let go from his job at Arcadis earlier this year, it was not shown.

The 28-year-old began his viral fame when he set up his desk with his clothes, toiletries, and other personal belongings in video called "Check out my new apartment."

"Rent is free, utilities are free. I don't have to commute, I get a discount at the cafeteria," he says in the video.

“I'm moving from my apartment to work,” he announced in voiceover. “They do not pay me enough to do both, so as a protest against their low pay, I will just live at my job and we'll see how long I can get away with it.”

His stunt eventually went wrong when his employer forced him to depart four days later, after he set up his micro pad at Arcadis' downtown Seattle office.

While it may have been a protest, it was also the case that timing compelled him to live at work, according to The Post. He claimed he had no choice but to move out of his apartment because his lease was coming to an end and the rent was going up. Because he was in a hurry to relocate, no apartments had accepted his application yet.

The man's act of rebellion was short-lived, but it did succeed in highlighting the plight of employees who feel they are not being paid enough.

“The apartments were already too costly, and my employer denied me a performance review, which would have boosted my chances of earning a raise,” he said.

“This was the ideal solution for me since it was close to all of the locations I visit and would be free,” Jackson added. He said that if only he hadn't published videos about it, his stay at Chez Office would have "continued indefinitely."

I've been in touch with my former employer and peers, says TikToker Jackson — who also moonlights as a romp designer. He said that he is “not unique or alone in my sentiment” of being underpaid since he claimed several other former employees — not direct co-workers, but people who worked in different branches of the same company — also felt they were underpaid.

“My advice is to give managers more flexibility to reward employees based on performance rather than treating them all the same,” he said.

According to The Grio, the business owner also talked about the situation with Insider, explaining that he'd use his firing as a chance to get out of the corporate world.

“I wish they handled TikToks differently and possibly had a talk with me about whether anything more substantial was going on in terms of money,” he continued. “But do I get their response? Completely.”

According to Mr. Jackson, his old workplace was empty since the majority of his employees worked from home. He stated that when his TikToks were exposed, the human resources department phoned him and asked if he would clear out his desk. They allegedly warned him that if he didn't remove his TikTok videos from social media, he would be fired.

He decided to depart the firm.

Arcadis was recently approached by The Post regarding the project, but they declined to comment on ongoing matters.

Arcadis stated, "The firm is not permitted to disclose any facts about current or former personnel unless expressly authorized by them."

However, despite the fact that he has been staying in a rental home in Seattle, he is optimistic about everything.

When asked about the possibility of moving back in with his parents, the fired employee said he is open to anything.

“I’ve been looking for other places to live and things have been tight, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work.

“I've had so many views since then, so maybe I can utilize that to expand my brand," he added. "If this doesn't work out, I'll always be able to find another employment."

He added that he believes his future brand has improved significantly since his TikTok account has a worldwide following. While he claims to be considering another office job, he is confident about his future business now that he has an audience on TikTok.

“I might go back into the corporate world,” he added, “but until then, follow my travels and connect with me on Instagram or TikTok!”

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