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Affirmation: A healthy brain is most important to my life.

The size of your brain decreases as your weight size increases. Obesity causes what Dr. Daniel Amen calls The Dinosaur Brain.

How’s your decision making lately? Do you feel your decision-making in life, love, and business needs improving? Well it could be your brain is shrinking and you are not even aware of it because you think it’s normal to have memory issues, go from one relationship to the next relationship just because the seasons change, feel depressed, or rob Peter to pay Paul.

Your Prefrontal Cortex which is like the CEO of your brain/body—the boss of your decision-making, could be shrinking due to routine unhealthy eating habits that is affecting every other aspect of your life in a negative way. It could be that you are developing what Dr. Daniel Amen calls the Dinosaur Syndrome.

I know those chocolate chip cookies are delicious especially while binge watching Fox’s new drama show “Our Kind of People,” but is your brain size shrinking while you are chewing? And is sugar a major culprit? I love a good cookie, and a good cookie knows I do, but is the sugar in the cookie causing me to be an addict, which in turn is causing a decline in the size of my brain that results in me making poor decisions.

Could that cookie be the reason I am not making better decision to help me make more money, have better more lasting relationships, or build thriving financially successful businesses?

An experiment was done on rats in which the rats were given sugar and cocaine and then were given a choice between cocaine and sugar. The rats chose the sugar. They kept coming back for another hit of the sugar. Are we choosing the sugar too? Are we letting the sweet taste fool us?

When your brain size decreases, your ability to make the best decisions for a longer, happier more rewarding life decreases with it. If we don’t begin to focus more on our brain health, The Dinosaur Syndrome is inevitable: “BIG BODY, little brain, become extinct.”

We can boost the physical function of our brains by avoiding certain things such as brain injuries, excessive drugs and alcohol, chronic stress, depression, smoking and becoming obese. Your brain is the only thing that can tell your hand to put the fork down and say, “one bite of this pie is enough” and walk away from the food. Your brain also is the only thing that can tell your body to make a business decision or not that could change the trajectory of your financial life for the better.

Your brain needs your protection in order for your brain to protect you. Your brain is the texture of butter or jello encased in a hard shell that has sharp inner ridges. Your brain is not firm until you die. Your brain is easily susceptible to traumatic brain illnesses from minor car accidents, concussions, toxic mold, hitting your head against the wall because you mad, falling out of the bed, off a tree or a ladder, beer pong, contact sport collisions, etc. Anything that causes your head to jerk or shake can cause traumatic brain illnesses that can in turn be the cause or source of depression, ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, addictions, homelessness, and suicide/suicidal thoughts. Have you had a traumatic brain illness and you don’t even realize it?

You can protect your brain by having great nutrition, sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night, exercise regularly, engage in new learning (challenge your mind), and intake effective supplements.

Protect your brain for it really is the mother board of your whole life’s system.

Copyright 2021 La Shon Y Fleming Bruce "ShonSpeaks"

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