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COVID 19 - One Mans Personal Story, Revealing how his Entire Family was Ravaged by - The VIRUS!

Editor Dollie Eanna Indigostar @4biddenknowledge

Writer Dollie Eanna Indigostar #4BKTV #4biddenknowledge #4biddenfact

A man from Florida has revealed to the World about his tragic devastating losses, and how COVID -19 has ravaged through most of his family, taking the lives of his FATHER, Mother and BROTHER.

It started when his father -- Reverend Marvin Pitts -- died from the virus in May.

Six weeks later, his mother, Dorothy Pitts, got sick and needed a ventilator.

His brother, Marvin Jr., also ended up in the hospital and didn’t recover.

Once his family fell ill, Eric got tested twice and was negative both times. Days later, he felt sick and ended up at Mount Sinai’s emergency room, where he spent two weeks fighting for his life.

All within months of each other during the 2020 Global Pandemic , One mans personal story from the soul, is given in this deep heartfelt interview, Eric explains how this will be the year he will never, EVER FORGET !

Eric Pitts from central Florida USA gives a heartfelt interview with 4biddenknowledge host Billy Carson at 4BKTV, going into tragic detail with his astounding REAL STORY. Eric shared his darkest moments battling against the invisible war going on inside his own body, alongside the emotions and explained to Billy how he used his wisdom and faith to carry him through, the rememberance of his mothers words, and how to fight back with his whole mind, body and soul, with his upmost strength and will and determination to SURVIVE from the VERY REAL disease COVID 19.

Eric explains to Billy how he was having to fight for his LIFE due to the emphasised VERY REAL CORONA VIRUS, fighting with everything he had left within him, and at one point how he felt that his body had become so weak that he felt as if he was shutting down. He also explains how he feels now, having to Heal, get well and finding ways and methods to cope to deal with the deaths of his mother, brother which were both together. Eric goes into depths revealing how the disease was traced and tracked quickly and efficiently to obtain the spread, Eric then explains how events leading to his own life took such a dramatic turn, and how quickly all of the tragic circumstances unfolded with his Mother only just being diagnosed with the disease, to finding out his Brother had PASSED away from the disease on the very same day !! Forcing his own life to NOW be in the balance after he was passed the all clear after taking 2 negative tests, to then becoming a result of POSITIVE TEST, how quickly events turned into his own situation of contracting the disease, NOW to also become life-threatening !

Eric describes his mothers work and her efforts with the local community and projects, how she had raised phenomenal amounts of money for the youth of Miami creating the Youth Project. Her legacy continues with Eric raising awareness and supporting the project in his mothers footsteps bridging the Gap for the Youth of Today and Tomorrow and the future generations to come.

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