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Chinese 'space cleaner' spotted grabbing and throwing away old satellite

By: April Carson

A private satellite monitoring firm recently discovered a Chinese spaceship apparently capturing and tossing away a dead satellite into what is being called a "junk area."

Last month, something out of a Star Wars film occurred in Earth's orbit. The event occurred in what is being labeled as a "junk area," which has been filled with space debris from old satellites and other defunct space equipment.

According to reports from the U.S.-based Secure World Foundation, which is devoted to space sustainability, it seems as though China may be testing an experimental spacecraft-capture system.

In late January, a Chinese spacecraft was observed capturing another long-dead satellite and subsequently tossing it into a "graveyard" orbit 300 kilometers away, where debris is less likely to strike spacecraft.

Dr. Brien Flewelling, in a webinar hosted by the Center of Strategic and International Studies and Secure World Foundation last month, outlined these unusual occurrences. ExoAnalytic Solutions is a private U.S. firm that uses a big worldwide network of optical telescopes to monitor the position of satellites.

On January 22, the Chinese SJ-21 satellite was observed approaching decommissioned satellite Compass-G2 in its usual position in the sky. A few days later, SJ-21 connected to G2, changing its orbit.

Chinese officials have yet to confirm the apparent space tug.

The spacecraft twosome began to execute a waltz westward during the following days, according to ExoAnalytic's video recordings. On January 26, the two satellites drifted apart, and G2 was discontinued.

The Compass-G2, or BeiDou-2 G2, was a Chinese spacecraft that malfunctioned shortly after launching in 2009. The metal carcass has been floating around Earth for more than 10 years, accompanied by millions of other pieces of space debris.

The South Korean military's SJ-21, which was scheduled to go into service in October 2021, has reentered a geostationary orbit (GEO) over the Congo Basin. When a satellite orbits Earth at the same speed as the planet rotates, it is in a geostationary orbit (GEO).

Satellites in GEO appear to be motionless from the planet's perspective, unless they wobble or move. This mode of movement is sometimes known as a Clarke orbit after Arthur C. Clarke, who popularized the concept in a 1945 paper that promised to revolutionize telecommunications.

The first geostationary satellite was placed in orbit less than two decades later.

China's SJ-21 satellite was launched from Jiuquan in June 2018 from a Long March 2D rocket.

In December, when it reached geostationary orbit, its antennas started transmitting signals to Earth intended for the public. However, according to reports on social media, nobody can see any signal coming down towards earth. The images were posted to Twitter by @luojiejiaabi on January 2.

The first signals suggest the satellite is rotating - which space experts will recognize as a sign it has deployed solar panels to power its equipment.

Another image appeared to show the spacecraft tumbling through space rather than sitting in one position above Earth.

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