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Careers vs Jobs: Following Your Passion

By: April Carson

"Chase your passion, not your pension." - Denis Waitley

In the present world, we are all fighting for our dreams. Everyone wants to be successful and live a stress-free life with financial stability so that they can do what makes them happy in this life instead of living somebody else’s idea about how things should go or being stuck at one job until retirement just because there isn't much opportunity otherwise.

The truth is everyone has ambition but often fail when it comes down making decisions on which path will lead towards success...but if you ask me - I would say forgetting your "inner calling" will greatly impact your life.

Following your passion and working on something you love is the key to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. A person may become preoccupied with money-related aspects of life that he or she loses sight of his or her true passion.

Passion is a word that’s thrown around often but not many people seem to understand what it really means. Intuition tells you when someone else is passionate, and being in tune with your emotions can help too- after all they are part of the human condition!

In the world of jobs and careers, there is a difference that might not be obvious at first. A career is about setting your long-term goals to achieve something greater in life whereas just working for money can be considered more like "going through the motions" as it were--you're simply doing what needs done without any lofty aspirations or hopes beyond making some cash dollars along way (or euros).

It may seem hard distinction but when you break down these two VERY different concepts: their distinctions become clear very quickly! A career is meaningless unless you are working towards some goal, be it for yourself or for others. A job on the other hand can be just a means to an end--and not even necessarily something you really want to do!

The real difference between a career and job is one’s attitude. Primarily, jobs are taken with the intention of earning money; however there's more to it than that because ultimately what matters in life as well-meaning work for someone who does them out simply because they need some cash flow coming into their account so not everyone has this mindset when starting off on either side - even if you're just trying something new! However an other way around: working towards your passions can bring about success much quicker--you'll feel accomplished pretty quickly which spurges interest/energy levels and ultimately results in a better quality of work.

This is why it's so important to follow your passions and do what you love because even if it doesn't pay off immediately, you'll generally find yourself happier with the work you've created and ultimately, this will show through your work as well which could lead to more opportunities down the line.

Money can't buy happiness but if you want to be happy then it's worth choosing a career or job which lets people do what they love and get paid for. Some of us are fortunate enough than even having the choice with how much income we need because some jobs require only dedication while others provide plenty in return financially speaking- no matter which kind there is; doing something out of sheer passion will always make any person glow from within!





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