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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Accused of Deed Theft at Brooklyn Church He Evicted

By: April Carson

The preacher from Brooklyn, previously known for being robbed during a Sunday service in 2022, is now facing legal action for allegedly stealing property deeds.

According to the complaint, the minister is accused of creating a "fraudulent deed" which claims ownership of the property. The deed was then filed in the Office of the City Register in New York City, where the mayor Eric Adams serves as a mentor.

The complaint further states that the deed was made without permission from the rightful owners of the property, and without making any payment to them.

According to a lawsuit filed in a Brooklyn Supreme Court and obtained by Atlanta Black Star, Bishop Lamor Whitehead (along with Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries Inc.) has been accused of falsifying documents claiming ownership of a church building from which he evicted the congregation earlier this year. The complaint was filed on April 28th.

The lawsuit revolves around the 5904 Foster Avenue Trust, which is an estate plan created in New York City for a property jointly owned by siblings Lydia Moses and Michael Moses. This trust is the legal owner of the property located at 5904 Foster Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

The complaint states that Bishop Whitehead unlawfully created a deed “purporting to transfer title in the property from the 5904 Foster Avenue Trust to Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries,” which is one of his organizations.

The Moses siblings' trust paid $1.9 million to obtain the Referee's Deed for the property, which had gone into foreclosure because of taxes. The deed was dated February 28, 2022, and recorded on March 28, 2022.

Whitehead was interested in buying the property, but he didn't have enough money to become its owner entirely.

According to the complaint, even though the preacher and self-proclaimed real estate guru did not have the full financing to purchase the property, the trust still allowed him to handle two matters concerning the property. The trust believed that the necessary funding would eventually be obtained.

The Moses Trust authorized Whitehead to take legal action to lawfully remove the occupants of the property and apply for financing to purchase it.

According to the complaint, Moses did not resign from the position of trustee and did not relinquish any of his authority or power in that role.

The complaint states that Whitehead attempted to register a property in his name by creating a fake deed in April of 2023. This incident occurred a few months after he was federally indicted for fraud, extortion, and false statements related to real estate deals involving other members of his church.

“This is yet another incident in which Bishop Whitehead has sought to fraudulently take advantage of individuals and businesses," the complaint states.

If found guilty, this could be yet another black mark on the preacher's record and could mean serious legal consequences for him. It remains to be seen how the court will rule in this case, but it certainly emphasizes the importance of due diligence when it comes to real estate transactions. It's important to know that not everyone follows the same ethical standards – which is why having proper legal representation is essential for any real estate transaction.

Michael Moses is asking for $3.5 million in damages from Whitehead and his church. Moses claims to be the legal owner and trustee of the property and is requesting that the city nullify any past or future property transactions made by Whitehead.

In addition, he is requesting that the court grant him any expenses, attorney fees, interest, and other appropriate relief related to the case. According to Whitehead, the lawsuit has no foundation.

In a statement to The City, he dismissed the lawsuit as frivolous. Whitehead has faced several controversies in the past year. In July, he was robbed of $1 million worth of jewelry during a sermon. Video footage of the incident exists.

It was reported that a federal lawsuit was filed several months later, accusing him of cheating one of his churchgoers out of her life savings by promising to improve her credit and assist her in purchasing a new home. Additionally, it is alleged that he attempted to obtain a $500,000 loan from a local businessman with the promise of receiving favorable treatment from his contacts in high-level positions within New York City's political system.

According to the DOJ, Whitehead is accused of fabricating bank records to obtain funds to buy his New Jersey residence, even though his storefront church is located in Brooklyn.

The ministry was renting a building since 2014, but the pastor Joseph Williams was surprised when they were asked to leave.

Due to this, they had to stop their food pantry program which was feeding around 200 people from the community, and search for a different rental space.

In December 2022, the church filed a lawsuit against Whitehead, alleging that he carried out an unlawful eviction against them.

In January 2023, Sandra Roper, a civil court judge, ruled in favor of the Glory of God Global Ministry and ordered the building to be opened again for their use. However, the Ministry wasn't able to conduct services with members until April 2023. The delay is partly caused by the harm that Whitehead did when he took charge and discarded many of the church's possessions into trash containers.

After documenting the destruction of the space, Williams submitted the documentation to the courts. He and his church have now filed a complaint along with others, suing Whitehead for $5 million in damages. The complaint was filed at the end of April.

Bishop Whitehead has denied these allegations and insists that he did not carry out an unlawful eviction or engage in any deed theft. The case is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the court will rule on the matter. But this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being diligent when dealing with real estate transactions, including verifying titles and other related documents.

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