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Billy Carson Continues to Win the Support of Millennials with His Vision

We all are humans, yet not all of us have the true sense of being humane. Yet, there is one incredible soul who utilizes each bit of his fame and money to help other human being, along with empowering humans to obtain enlightenment, Billy Carson. Majorly recognized for his contributions in creating mind-boggling documentaries on subjects of hidden knowledge and enlightenment, Billy Carson’s life revolves around helping those who are in need.

Gaining the title of ‘Coach’ was based on the endless struggle of over past decade, spending thousands of hours of his personal time to help others through his philanthropic ways. This explains why this incredible soul has managed to win the heart of millions of millennials. The man with the vision, Billy Carson, truly the philanthropist, who strives to promote consciousness among people.

Coach Carson is the founder of Coach Billy Carson Inc., 4biddenknowledge Inc. First Class Space Agency, and an active member of several of reputed organizations, both profit and non-profit, like NASA and more.

Mr. Carson being the founding and establishing member of Weston YMCA, Florida, a youth center, multi-sport facility, has contributed over $25,000 of his own personal money into the facility and has even funded the rock climbing wall himself.

Additionally, Mr. Carson has paid more than $10,000 in electricity bills for single moms across the United States during the cold winter months. With the personal belief that a single mother and her children must never suffer during the harsh winter, Billy Carson established a program that has enabled him to put the lights on for those moms in need. Every single mom who is in desperate need of financial help was asked to submit a copy of her final notice along with login information, and if selected, Mr. Carson would pay the bill directly.

However, Carson’s soul does not satisfy here alone, quite the contrary, Mr. Carson has spent much of his life helping those who need. And those include children whose parents cannot pay for school supplies, so he partnered with the organization “Helping Kids in Broward”. Coach Carson paid for more than 2000 backpacks filled with school supplies that reach the hands of those children in need.

Another charitable work, which he has done with the same organization, was to help more than 2000 families with holiday gifts.

Billy Carson happens to be the bestselling author of the famous book, “The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets.” Here, he provides readers with a deep understanding of profound and ancient knowledge. You are carefully led through an exciting journey that delves into the history of the Emerald Tablets and the mysteries contained within these old, cryptic artifacts. The Emerald Tablets, as revealed in the book, was written by an ancient being, referred to as, “Thoth The Atlantean.”

Mr. Carson has developed two mobile apps that are completely free for use. The first one is an app called 4bidenknowlegde app, which allows users access to his personal website of forbidden, sacred, hidden knowledge, metaphysics, sacred geometry, spirituality, consciousness wisdom, quantum physics, science, astrology, and all the knowledge of the universe.

The second app is called Wave of Action. This application provides victims the necessary legal and extensive victim resources. The app has a huge directory of attorneys and a feature where you can take photos and save them to the app for evidence of a crime.

With an incredible vision to make a change in society, with his exceptional philanthropic endeavors, Billy Carson remains to be an inspiration for the millennials, motivating them to harness the power of doing good to others.

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