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Archaeologists discovered 73 Pre-Incan Mummies ‘False Heads’ in Peru

By: April Carson

In a groundbreaking archaeological discovery near Lima, Peru, researchers have unearthed the remains of at least 73 individuals dating back a millennium, shedding light on the enigmatic Wari Empire. These pre-Incan mummies, discovered at the archaeological site of Pachacámac, have provided archaeologists with a fascinating glimpse into the burial practices and cultural richness of the Wari people, who thrived in western South America between 800 and 1100.

The Bundled Legacy:

Each of the 73 individuals discovered at Pachacámac was meticulously wrapped in vibrant fabrics and secured with ropes, attesting to the Wari's reverence for the afterlife. This careful bundling process speaks to the cultural significance attached to the journey beyond, a practice that has long fascinated archaeologists exploring the Andean civilizations.

False Heads and Ceremonial Masks:

A particularly intriguing aspect of these burials is the presence of wooden and ceramic masks, known as "false heads." Krzysztof Makowski, head of archaeological research at the site, describes these masks as a distinctive feature among the Wari artifacts. These intricate carvings adorned both male and female bodies, serving as enigmatic symbols that invite speculation about the spiritual and religious beliefs of the Wari people.

Colorful Ceramics and Artistic Riches:

The graves at Pachacámac also unveiled a treasure trove of colorful ceramics, showcasing the Wari's artistic prowess. Elaborate designs and vibrant hues adorned these artifacts, reflecting the cultural sophistication of a civilization that predates the more well-known Inca Empire. The careful placement of these ceramics within the graves suggests a belief in the importance of art and beauty in the afterlife.

Wari Culture and the Painted Temple:

The burials at Pachacámac are in close proximity to the Wari's Painted Temple, providing a valuable link between the archaeological findings and the religious practices of the Wari people. The time frame of 800 to 1100 corresponds with the Wari Empire's expansion, highlighting the cultural and spiritual dynamics that shaped this pre-Incan civilization.

Elaborate Mummies and Ritual Practices:

The Wari Empire is renowned for its well-preserved mummies, a tradition that captivates modern researchers. In addition to their meticulous burial practices, the Wari were known for elaborate art, including intricately designed ceramics and fabrics. The discovery at Pachacámac reinforces the notion that the Wari people placed immense importance on preserving both the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

The unearthing of 73 pre-Incan mummies, complete with false heads, colorful ceramics, and intricate fabrics, adds a new chapter to our understanding of the Wari Empire's burial traditions. As archaeologists delve deeper into the mysteries of Pachacámac, the rich tapestry of Wari culture comes to life, offering insights into a civilization that predates the Inca and played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of western South America.

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