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Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws: Are they just Anti-Learning Laws?

Is it anti-critical race theory or “anti-people learning” the accurate history of the black-white dynamic within the American system from an objective-all-sides view that got these “conservative” states passing “laws against intelligence”?

The rush of these conservative states passing these anti-critical race theory teaching laws is really just “anti-learning laws.” And these laws are just another form of perceived “superior mindsets“ using their power to control others just like before.

Not the whip and the Bible used on slaves by their masters for slaves to stay in their position and believe it was God’s will, not the Jim Crow laws used on both whites and blacks to create unnecessary divides in the minds and economics of people literally living in the same space and time, but a kind of control, even more insidious now—a control over your right to learn in an age of information.

Use of the phrase “critical race theory” now insights fear of a loss to those who perceive themselves privileged, powerful and dominant. The passing of these “anti-critical race theory” laws is privilege. If these politicians and their supporters who rushed to pass these laws didn’t believe in their greater privilege over our minds and our children’s minds, there would be no need for these laws.

These laws indicate that the powers-to-be do not want you (no matter your color) to use your critical thinking skills. They want to feed you what you are to know so they can control you with propaganda so you will forsake your own reasoning abilities.

Critical thinking is the only way to preclude being lost in all the propaganda that is siphoning our minds today in the media and social meIda. Propaganda, as Jason Stanley defines, is “a kind of communication that makes a case for a goal bypassing reason……a method to urge you to mobilize towards something while concealing from you things that you reasonably should think, should consider.”

Propaganda like the statement “critical race theory is Marxist“ manipulates our biases against Marxism and makes in our minds critical race theory to be something that it is not. And then by grouping that catch phrase “critical race theory is Marxists” to “teaching children” or “teaching white children that they are racists,” propagandists get followers who don’t use “critical thinking skills” to attach their emotions to believe the narrative via the catchy phrase or slogan and thereby think something is true that is not. Critical race theory is a theory about the system of America and its disproportionate negative effects and/or impact on people.

Propaganda plays off our emotions by undermining or manipulating our biases by associating certain emotional trigger words to neutral words so that our brains associate the neutral words to mean the same thing as the trigger word. This is how lies about one thing can become truth or truth about one thing can become a lie in our minds—by mere association despite facts. Propaganda is a tool that can be used for good or bad. We have to always be willing to stop, think and question everything that is being said or else we will happily volunteer ourselves to be pigs for the slaughter and not know it until we are eaten for dinner.

These anti-intelligence laws are not beneficial for America that claims to be the land of the free (no matter your race) and may be the beginning of surface construction of a world only imagined in George Orwell’s 1984 fictional masterpiece.

In the age of information, why would you limit any person from learning all sides of history—all perspectives? What version of history are you wanting to preserve? What version of history are you wanting to keep secret? Are you wanting our children to grow up being thinkers, creators, disrupters or mere followers of the status quo?

Only if you are trying to maintain power over people’s mind and how people think and believe would you need anti-critical race theory laws.

Critical race theory has been around since the 1970s but many black people (and white people) didn’t know about it because the political chess game didn’t necessitate your needing to know because it was just a theory.

Now, however, conservatives are in a fight for power against the liberals and critical race theory is ripe for the picking.

This new anti-critical race theory movement comes right when black people (and white people—all people) are reading more for themselves and beginning to critically think about things more. Because of this new independence in thinking, this must mean liberals, using critical race theory, want to teach white children to believe that they are racists. And now white people must become afraid of their children being labeled racists so critical race theory has to be banned from school even when it wasn’t being taught. Really?

This propaganda is senseless, but truth doesn’t matter when you are caught in the middle of the liberal versus conservative battle.

History tells the story that history made. Three-Fifth clause of the United States Constitution is in the Constitution, the Jim Crow laws were on the books of many states, the misogynistic laws were once the laws that governed male and female relationships, and the Black Codes were once governing authority, etc.. These laws were created by people and that is just truth. The good, the bad and the ugly are all a part of history—our history!

Let’s look at history accurately so that we can all have greater awareness that helps with greater understanding of each other! Using the arm of the state to have a few people blatantly pick and choose which factual history to teach the many breeds only division among people who are already unnecessarily divided. And those who are passing these laws know it.

This is just another indication of people who feel their thinking is superior now having the backing of the state (once again) to enforce their way of thinking over others. The whole point of critical race theory is to examine how laws sometimes reinforce subordination based on race.

I was taught about the Manifest Destiny of the white man when I was in school. How do you think I felt learning that as a black girl in Mississippi?

I didn’t learn about Black Wallstreet in Tulsa and how my forefathers pulled themselves up by the bootstrap in segregation and built something beautiful until I was almost 50. My school in Mississippi didn’t teach me about this. I wish I would have learned about this along with the Manifest Destiny when I was younger because it would have given me a greater pride and understanding in my forefathers—all of them. It would have taught me how courage and fear can become confused and misinterpreted by others. This would have aided me in accurate thinking about myself and others.

Now when a black family want their children to be taught a more accurate black history within this America in schools, these ”anti-critical race theory laws” give the legal right to individuals within the schools to discriminate in teaching black history. These laws of course will have even more of a disproportionate negative impact on black people.

But these anti-critical race theory laws are just red herrings. Having the many focus on the minor while the few gain greater power, which in turn, causes the many to become more mentally impoverished and emotionally incited (for nothing) is the true game these politicians are playing. That is how the few stay in power and the many stay hoping for a better day.

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