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Alien Message From Proxima Centauri Is Deciphered by Scientists

By: April Carson

The Breakthrough Listen project's astronomers have discovered that the BLC1 artificial radio candidate, which was believed to have originated from Proxima Centauri, is in fact man-made. After a thorough study of the signal's features, this conclusion was reached.

Was the mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri sent by aliens?

So, it appears that the purported signal from Proxima Centauri, which was supposed to be coming from the nearest star, was not transmitted to us by aliens. Despite this, astronomers are uncertain about its origin.

The Breakthrough Listen initiative was founded in 2015 and uses ground-based optical and radio telescopes to look for artificial signals emanating from other stars.

Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star that is the closest to the Sun, contains two exoplanets that orbit around it. It was discovered by utilizing the Parkes radio telescope in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band. The scientists employed data analysis techniques that are used to detect pulsars, fast rotating neutron stars emitting short but regular pulses of radiation, in order to isolate the potential signals sent by aliens.

Signal from an exoplanet near Proxima Centauri

In December 2018, Breakthrough Listen was said to have recorded a narrowband signal at 982 megahertz in April and May 2019, which presumably came from an exoplanet near Proxima Centauri. The designation BLC1 (Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1) was given to it. The signal was observed for approximately five hours and had characteristics that could be those of the transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization.

The BLC1 result was published by a team of researchers led by Shane Smith from the University of California at Berkeley, who wanted to validate or invalidate the signal's status as a radio engineering signal based on an analysis of the BLC1 parameters.

Despite the fact that BLC1 was identified only in the direction of Proxima Centauri and can't be a technosignature (though it is in the frequency band reserved for aeronautical radio navigation), it does not satisfy the requirements.

What happened?

The term "interference" refers to the interaction of two or more waves with each other, as well as with natural phenomena. Rather, it is a consequence of many man-made interference sources. Nonetheless, scientists propose that Proxima's observations within the framework of the project should continue to expand, going beyond electromagnetic radiation ranges such as optical, infra-red, radio to the neutrino and gravitational wave ones.

Still no aliens, though perhaps soon?

In the end, as always, it was not aliens who caused/sent the signal towards us. However, there are hundreds of additional similar bursts that have yet to be explained, and who knows whether there will be at least one that isn't caused by humans? And with the search for extraterrestrial life reaching a new high point, we've put our hopes in Kepler and TESS. But who knows whether the aliens won't be the ones to find us first?

Of course, there's still a chance that we will never find out what causes these signals, and they'll simply remain an unexplained mystery of the universe.

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