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A Collapsed Star is Transforming into A Massive Diamond

By: April Carson

A star that is undergoing a process of crystallization into a diamond-like celestial object has been discovered by scientists. This remarkable event occurs as the star, previously a white dwarf, is dying and collapsing in on itself.

The star described is a white dwarf which is a contracted form of a star similar to our sun. Such stars burn most of their fuel and turn into a shriveled-up form. In case the core of the star consists majorly of metallic oxygen and carbon, the star will cool down and crystallize into an enormous diamond eventually. Researchers believe that no star in the universe has turned into a massive shining ball due to the extremely slow process.

According to scientists, it would take one quadrillion years for such a transformation to occur, which is much longer than the universe's current age of 13.6 billion years. "We already knew that white dwarf stars crystallize, but what we've never seen before is a star in the process of doing so," states lead researcher Dr. Matt Caplan from Illinois State University.

The star, recently discovered by a team of astronomers from Australia and the U.K., is undergoing a process of crystallization into a diamond-like celestial object. It’s estimated to be around 4,000 kilometers in radius with a mass of one-and-a-half times our sun. The light reaching us from such stars is dimmed down by the diamond itself.

Researchers have identified a star called HD 190412 C, which is located in a quadruple star system called HD 190412 and is believed to be in the early stages of transitioning into a crystallizing white dwarf. This star is approximately 104 light-years away and has a temperature of around 11,420 degrees Fahrenheit (6,300 degrees Celsius), as calculated by the researchers. The researchers used other stars that haven't turned into white dwarfs yet as a reference point to determine the amount of metals present in the core of the white dwarf star. Additionally, they estimated the age of the star to be around 4.2 billion years.

This newly discovered diamond-like star is the first of its kind to be found and could lead to a better understanding of stellar evolution. Scientists have noted that such discoveries will help us unlock mysteries regarding how stars transition from one form into another.

Knowing the precise distance of the star system from Earth is crucial for the calculations because it affects the brightness of the light coming from the dimming white dwarf. To obtain this information, the researchers relied on data from the European Space Agency's Gaia Mission, which is working towards creating a 3D map of a billion stars in the Milky Way.

It is truly fascinating to witness such a remarkable transformation of a star turning into a massive diamond, with the entire process taking quadrillions of years. Such discoveries continue to spark the curiosity of scientists and space enthusiasts alike as they look to uncover new secrets about our universe.

The team used the given information to create a model that shows how the white dwarf cools down as time passes. This confirmed the discovery of the first crystallized white dwarf whose age is known. The study suggests that there are other systems similar to the one observed, including the one containing the bright star Sirius. Therefore, there might be other crystallizing white dwarfs in our cosmic neighborhood. "This is an exciting discovery, and one that could potentially provide important clues about the future evolution of our own solar system," said researcher Simon Murphy.

The results were published on the arXiv preprint database and have been approved for printing by the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society journal. This discovery has opened up a new chapter in cosmology that could revolutionize our understanding of how stars transition into diamond-like entities.

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