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CBD oil is an unstoppable trend that seems to know no limits. Its popularity has skyrocketed recently as federal and local laws soften to legalize hemp CBD oil and possibly other cannabis-related products as well. It can be infused easily with food and drinks, used as a supplement, or you can even find it within skincare products. Now it seems that the fashion and textile industries have taken notice. That means that CBD infused clothing has hit the market to a mixture of excitement and skepticism from pro-CBD consumers.

According to Daily CBD Mag, after the world discovered how CBD could help treat epilepsy in children, scientists and medical practitioners are racing to see what other therapeutic benefits cannabidiol (CBD) has to offer. Among other things, CBD Oil has shown to be effective for alleviating symptoms of many common health complaints like anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. As the trend emerges, more and more clinical data is starting to present itself that substantiates many of these claims. Consumer demand is at an all-time high for CBD products so CBD infused clothing won’t be the last trend but right now it’s the newest. Here are 5 things you’ll want to know about CBD infused clothing before buying your first garment.

#1. Devan Chemicals Is One Of The First Companies To Produce CBD Infused Fabric

Devan Chemicals, located in Belgium, is a chemical firm that developed a technology called “R Vital” that weaves microcapsules of CBD into fabric. The goal of Devan Chemicals is develop innovative solutions for the world’s textile market. They are well known for co-creating ideas with consumers that truely fill gaps in the market. They tend towards the sustainability and natural markets so working with CBD was a match made in heaven for them.

#2. CBD Infused Sleepwear Might Make For A Better Night’s Rest

One of the first products launched with CBD infused fabric was sleepwear. You can buy CBD infused pajamas and bedsheets that are touted as giving the users a more restful night’s sleep. Millions of people suffer from bouts of insomnia, long periods of not being able to sleep. A rich CBD tincture has been known to promote good sleep with the ability to wake up feeling refreshed. CBD has the ability to interact with serotonin receptors in the brain helping you to relax and calms excess brain activity.

#3. Acabada Is Launching CBD Infused Activewear

The first and only CBD infused activewear comes from Acabada ProActiveWear that boasts luxury fabric infused with high-quality organic CBD oil. They styled it after streetwear in NYC and prices start around $120 for these exclusive and limited batch pieces. Each piece of clothing contains 25 grams of non-THC CBD oil. Acabada themselves have been in business over 30 years. Their pain-relieving activewear is set to disrupt the market in a big way – as long as they can prove that it works. So far any evidence that it reduces pain and inflammation while you workout is only anecdotal but word of mouth does spread fast and has a powerful influence on consumers.

#4. Activewear and CBD Just Makes Sense

Two of the most common uses of CBD oil are to reduce pain and inflammation. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that cannabinoid receptors play a critical role in the regulation of our immune system which is why CBD oil has proven effective for reducing inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response, after all. The cannabinoid system also regulates how our bodies react to pain. This has many scientists excited that CBD oil can be used to help alleviate the opioid epidemic that many chronic pain patients succumb to. Inflammation and pain are plights that many athletes and workout enthusiasts have to endure. The concept of adding CBD oil to activewear makes sense when you think about sore muscles and achy joints that can come from physical activity. The hope is that by wearing these garments, the CBD oil will soak into the skin.

#5. CBD Infused Clothing Needs To Be Replaced More Often

The technology is new and the demand is high, so it should come as no surprise that CBD infused clothing isn’t exactly cheap. A single sports bra from Acabada has a starting price of $120. One thing to keep in mind before stocking your wardrobe is the cost to replace the CBD activewear quite often. Each article of clothing has to be washed after it’s worn and the oil will inevitably get washed away over time. They say the clothing is good for approximately 40 washes and wears. So before you fall in love, make sure you know that replacement clothing will be necessary every few months, depending on how often you wear it.

How Does CBD Infused Clothing Work?

You might be wondering, how do you infuse fabric with CBD oil in the first place? The answer is that it isn’t an easy process. Using a technology called microencapsulation, the CBD is infused into tiny microscopic capsules that then get layered into the fabric. When you wear the clothing, friction and body heat break open the capsules and that’s how the oil is released. The oil is then ingested by sinking into the skin, the same as it would if you put it into a lotion or cream. Stretchy knit fabrics work the best with microcapsules, the CEO of Acabada.

There is limited research available right now about CBD infused clothing, however, there is growing evidence that supports CBD oil as a remedy for pain and inflammation. A lack of scientific studies can cause confusion among consumers who want to make sure they get what they pay for. The FDA will continue to look at CBD and cannabis-related products as the gray area of CBD laws clears. Hopefully, we will soon have more concrete answers to the “does this thing actually work” question in the near future.

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