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4biddenknowledge Tour Of Egypt

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Join us in May 2019 for the most amazing tour of your life!

Ride a camel into the desert, visit the Valley of the Kings and cruise down the Nile on this bestselling journey through Egypt's highlights. Step into a land of history and wonder, where pharaohs once ruled, and ancient architectural phenomena still stand strong.

With Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge and an expert private Egyptologist guide, you’ll gaze at the mysterious and awe-inspiring Great Pyramids, marvel at the half-man-half-lion Sphinx, and walk the streets and bazaars of the thousand-year-old city of Cairo. Venture into the desert by camel or horseback and witness the sunset over the Pyramids of Giza. Sail the River Nile on a multi-night cruise, exploring both the East and West Bank, with Luxor, Thebes, and Aswan. Stand at the foot of ancient temples, synagogues, and mosques, amidst the Valley of the Kings. Indulge in flavorful Egyptian cuisine and explore Cairo’s bustling night bazaars. These are just a taste of the adventures you'll have on this incredible journey through Egypt.

Attend a private Djedi meeting with the Pyramid Priests.

Enjoy a personalized vacation that best suits your needs, developed by one of our experienced destination experts. Relax during your trip with our 24/7 support and expert local guidance. Featuring elegant & exotic hotels in the finest locations, private Egyptologist guide, driver, traditional Egyptian cuisine, all internal flights, and much more.

NOTE: Travel in Egypt often involves early-morning starts, designed to avoid crowds and the hottest midday hours. It can be hot, especially in June, July, and August, but there is virtually no humidity and evening temperatures cool off dramatically. Egypt is a moderate secular state, well used to hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. While you will want to avoid revealing clothing, loose shorts and short-sleeved shirts are fine for both genders. Only $6,300 USD per person. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW



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