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4 Things Consistency Will Release

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Trusting The Process Of Growth BY. J Chatfield

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I’m not the best person to talk about consistency but I am the best person to talk about consistency at this time. I coupled consistency and discipline together because I hate what they both require, but love the results they produce. Consistency has long been a thorn in my heel and I had to make up my mind to rock with it no matter what was going on in my life. Here is a list of the 4 things that consistency released in my life for me.

#1 Bad Habits

I embarked on a journey to add some consistency to an area in my life that I deemed a weakness. It had been a weakness for a very long time and I had become very comfortable with it. This thing did not want to leave me as much as I didn’t want it to leave, but it had to go and when I started the journey to pursue a more consistent lifestyle. Within a week I found that a few bad habits had gone away that I never asked to go away. When a change is made in one area of your life, that change begins to infect, yes infect other areas in your life, especially something as important and impressionable as consistency. Think of it as when you begin a new workout regimen. Some things have to shift around so that you can focus on your body and that means dropping the bad habits that got you there.

#2 Excuses/ Unproductive Reasons

This one I love because the people that activate this addictive illusion are the ones still looking for their results. Whatever makes a person feel validated in not getting their objectives or tasks done beats me even though I’ve participated heavily in its seemly truth. Consistency brings the bulldozer to dig out the truth behind excuses and forces you to deal with the rawness of a resultless life. It’s important to take a hold of the bulldozer or you will find yourself back in the place of trying to find the discipline to be consistent once more. Nothing wrong with starting again, we all have, but why not make whatever it is sweeter by dropping the excuses? Never mind, just start to be consistent and you will not want to make an excuse/reason to not be consistent. The results will inspire and drive you to never fix your lips to say what you can or are unable to complete that is in alignment with your goal for consistency.

#3 Procrastination

I think about Beyonce’s “Single Ladies “ song just with procrastination attached to the hook. All PROCRASTINATORS, now put your hands up! I imagine that we would all procrastinate lifting our hands into the air. If you have ever been a procrastinator then you need no introduction to what you accomplish as a participator in this lifestyle. Procrastinating can be seen as a bad habit but many don’t see it as a habit at all. So, I’ll place this as a number that can stand on its own.

Rolling with consistency will definitely place this strong behavior on ice. I know for a fact that consistency is the kryptonite that you need to get going and produce results. One thing that consistency does not like is something standing in its way of being that thing that will help you get the results you desire. If you do not desire much. Then stick with procrastination. Apply consistency to this womb and you will be in places you never thought you'd be. Great places!

#4 Stagnation

When I originally wrote this blog post # 4 was different, but now that I have lived out my consistency I can truly say that I wasn't moving anywhere. You are either going to be consistently moving or consistently the same. I had Jedi mind trick myself into thinking that I was making progress when I wasn't. Yes, there were changes but not the ones I wanted to write home about. I didn't even want to journal about them and I love to journal. There is something about a "life check" that brings a new log to your fire. You look at all the areas in your life and "life check" yourself. I ask myself"

How did this look a month ago?

How do I feel about this current situation a month ago?

What progress have I made from a month ago?

Creating a safe space to converse with a friend you respect can also give you an insight into where you haven't been as consistent as you thought you were. I thought I was consistently walking 5 miles a day. A month later I was still seeing the same silhouette in the mirror. It wasn't until I had a little talk with my God-self and was told that I need to consistently push myself to walk 1 more mile a week. Now I;m walking 8 miles and things are consistently looking better in the mirror.

Operation Consistency

Being consistent either way you look at it will change everything around you. I have chosen to be consistent in many things throughout my life and I have seen and felt the results in the favor of the change. What is something you want consistently to kill? Let me know in the comments. Consistency is always better when you have a community around you.

J. Chatfield is an author, homeschool parent, and podcaster that loves to uplift heal and motivate others to live their purposed life. She loves writing stories/producing media for children and adults to assist them in knowing themselves. You can find her books: Homeschooling and Owning Your Schedule, The Facts Of The Numbers Are Understanding How Your Children Learn Using Numerology and other various story downloads on her website;

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